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This week got off to a rough start.  Monday I just wasn’t feeling well so although I took photos of meals, I didn’t post at all. (I actually had a pretty good eating day and went to the gym for an elliptical workout Monday).

Yesterday was an emotionally-off day.  This tends to trigger emotional eating – which it did.  I binged on all my favorite things: hershey kisses, pizza, and oreos.  I use “binge” loosely.  Although I abandone dmy lunch for pizza, I held it together and only bought one plain slice.  Usually I’ll go for the 2 if I am throwing in the towel.  I also stoppe d myself from cleaning off the oreo box. 

However in order to keep positive, I’ll highlight the successful part of the day: I went to the gym and got in a 45 minute eliptical workout.  There is always that moment, on a 15-degree windy day, when you ar eleaving work, when you think “Or I could go home and go to the gym later”.  I considered it, for about 5 minutes.  Then I decided I’d fee better if I just went – and I went, and I did.  And so if anything, at least I made one good choice yesterday that I am proud of.

While at the gym looking around I realized that going to the gym at 4:00 afterwork is bitter-sweet.  It’s still a commitment, however it means I get to watch Oprah.  If I were to have skipped the gym, I may have run errands, taken a nap, started dinner, etc.  But by allowing myself to make time for me, I also get the double benefit of OPRAH time! 

As I work out and look around, I notice that about 60% of the girls on the machines are laughing at the same times as I am – which means they too are watching Oprah.  I just love that. Yay O!

After dinner last night D and I hit the malls to get him new work clothes.  I bought a few cute items – Old Navy ha sa lot of adorable fitness accessories so I bought a bag to keep my Polar HRM in and a small aluminum water bottle because I am still one month later waiting on SIGG to send me my Christmas gift of a new bottle!!! So annoyed. I also got some yoga pants (perfect fit).

Of course I also needed to grab 2 sweaters to deal with this gnarly weather at H&M and Forever 21 – yay for supporting the economy.

Afterwards we hit the grocery store because D never has food in the house and was starving.  I only grabbed a few items since I have been to the store about 5 times already.  I bought Kashi Go-Lean Crunch  Almond-Flax cereal, Kashi Go-Lean Honey-Almond chew granola bars, and a box of Smart Ones breakfast sandwhiches as a last minute go-to.

Kash Go-Lean Honey Almond Crunch: New favorite cereal! WOW!  Now, I have a sugar cereal love, so this was amazing because it tasted just like my childhood favorite (and longtime removed) Smacks (the one with the frog) or otherwise known as “Golden Grahams” I believe?  Well these have little chunks of them inside.  OMG I am newly addicted!  I have found many new food addictions this week – I’m in trouble.  Am going to try the granola bar at the end of the day today but I have good expectations for it.

This morning I forgot my lunch (which I made) at home, so I bought a Dunkin Donuts Veggie Eggwhite Flatbread (only 290 calories).  Usually not so bad but I’m going to have a super high sodium day due to microwave lunch, UGH.  Oh well. 

More after work! 🙂


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