Gym Snob?

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Last night I was absolutely zonked.  I hit a gym class with a coworker at her gym (which is a lot closer than mine).  I figured I would test out the gym and see if it would be worth switching from mine or getting a class package to go with her occasionally, since I miss kickboxing classes and my gym’s classes are late and farther away.

So at 6:00 we went to her gym’s kickboxing class (the name of the gym will be withheld, haha).  Of course as her “guest” I was pulled aside and given the WHOLE shpeal about their gym packages, etc. etc. I mentioned multiple times that I am tied to a contract until July – however that didn’t stop the persisting.

The kickboxing class was okay – it was different than I was used to.  Back when I lived in San Diego I went to 24-Hour Fitness, which is probably the best deal out there for the monthly fee.  The kickboxing classes there were intense rounds based on TurboJam. They really were focused on form and fun and had me gasping for breath.  I became addicted and was going 4 times a week! When I moved back here I ended up buying the TurboJam DVDs because I missed  that style workout so badly.

REGARDLESS, this class was not like that.  It was just repetitions of the same 5 moves with strange techno music.   While I did manage to burn 575 calories in the hour (yeah HRM), I was not very involved in the class and knew this gym was NOT for me.

The gym was very small, had NEON walls, only about 4 treadmills.  Classes were not in separate rooms but rather in the center of this large room, and all the equipment was old.  They wanted  $60.00 a month!!!! Now at 24 Hour fitness I paid less than $40.00 a month for a gym that was 5times nicer. CURRENTLY I am at New York Sports Club, where I pay $70.00 a month – but I have a television on every machine and a juice bar, sauna, very clean locker room, 4 separate class rooms.

I never thought about it – but when my friend asked if I would want to join when my contract is up – and I said no, she said I am a spoiled gym snob (jokingly). But she is right!! It made me think: I rather pay  my extra $10 a month to feel comfortable and motivated in my gym environment.  The women at this gym were not my peers really and were not similar to myself – I know that may seem terrible, but to me that is a motivator at the gym.  LONG story short: I heart New York Sports Club even if it does take a 15 minutes to drive there and back without traffic! 🙂

Onto eats! Yesterday, I had the Smart Ones egg muffin early on for breakfast.


Since we had a late lunch, I followed that up with a Kashi Honey Almond Crunch/Vanilla Yogurt/Banana combo (not pictured) – that was so satisfying – not pictured due to 5 coworkers standing around as I ate it.

Lunch was the delicious falafel combo from a local Middle Eastern restaurant.  I had 4 falafel patties, a lot of homemade hummus, and a pita – with a small king’s salad.  Not pictured again because this was a work lunch and how silly would it have been! However, I did try two new Middle Eastern dishes that i will order next time – a kidney bean dish (MMMM) and even more delicious was a lentil/rice pilaf! Wow – so many flavors!

Between work and hitting the gym class I had a quick snack of a half banana and 1/2 tablespoon of White Chocolate Wonderful. OMG – now I had tried this peanut butter on Saturday in oatmeal – and that did NOT really do it justice!  It was like eating candy! New favorite snack (second to yogurt/cereal combo).


Also when I got home I found a magazine waiting for me – I love reading about all the new recipes!


After I got home from the kickboxing class I was WHIPPED!  I could barely function to get myself some dinner.  So I went to a new go-to meal: 1 sunshine burger cut up in a Low-Carb Tortilla Wrap with 2 tablespoons of Tribe sun-dried tomatoes and 1 tablespoon  of reduced-fat mozzarella.  SOOO yummy!


I was absolutely devastated that I did not have yogurt to have a dessert after dinner – so I just had 1/2 cup plain kashi crunch cereal.  Totally not the same! So this morning before work I ran out to buy a tub of it.  Do I have a problem?

Onto another day of yummy eats!!

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Another snow-y day?!? Alaska is warmer than here!

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