Not a good eating day… good otherwise!

January 17, 2009 at 11:15 pm 1 comment

Welcome to a winter Saturday: nothing but relaxing, picking up after myself, and eating.

Rewind to last night: Went out to dinner with the fam to a nearby diner.  I ate entirely too much and that overindulging set me off today into an all out cupcake-aholicism. For dinner I had a veggie panini (grilled eggplant, zuchinni and peppers topped with balsamic and mozzarella) and a whole lot of sweet potato fries. OMG! I ate to the point of full and that has been a habit I’ve stopped, so that was the only not so good part of the night. No photo though – I’m still easing into public photos! I made up for this with 30-Day Shred Level 1 and 2 –  my body was spent.

Afterwards we took a trip to Target and I went a little nuts. I had been wanting some new plates to share my food on, so I bought 5 new bowls, 2 small plates, and 2 large plates. All but one were melamine, one is porcelain (as are all my other dishes). I also bought a new brown bag, wooh! Now I am officially $pent.



This morning D and I went back to our weekend morning routine – I hadn’t partook in weeks and he really has been insistent on how much he missed it. When we wake up, one of us goes out and gets Dunkin Donuts bagels and coffee, which we then lie in bed eating and drinking while watching t.v. It’s quite relaxing and we haven’t been doing it because i wanted to save money and calories. Well today that went all out the window with a sesame bagel and reduced fat veggie cream cheese, mmm.

After relaxing for a long time and cleaning up the apartment, I couldn’t resist whipping out a new bowl with a Kashi Crunch Vanilla yogurt snack:


Eventually we go off our booties and we went to get lunch and check out a cupcakerie that is literally 5 minutes down the road. How could I have forgotten?

Mr. Cupcake was the highlight of my day! They had sooo many flavors (check the website) and I had such a hard time deciding! Of course I had to choose four… which were: Oreo Cheesecake, Southern Red Velvet (always my staple), Pumpkin Spice (for D), and Chocolate Caramel.


I pretty much ate these all day. I kept cutting them in half and eating them in halves. Sweets do not last here! My favorite was the red velvet – so moist and the cream cheese frosting was spot on and fluffy. Next, it was a tie between chocolate caramel and pumpkin! Oreo was a minor disappointment, the batter just wasn’t as delectable as the rest – maybe my expectations were too high.

Overall: Four stars! There was absolutely the perfect amount of moistness in each cupcake – no dry cake, perfectly proportioned and unique frosting. I’ll definetly be coming back very frequently for upcoming events, and to try other flavors! French Toast next time for sure!

Before cupcakes I had my first Quiznos sandwich – small veggie. It was very delicious however very caloric – today every meal was really all about what D wanted for the first time in 3-weeks. It will probably be the last time as well, I like keeping up with making my healthy choices.

Dinner was a struggle – I did not want to 1) pay for another meal, or 2) order an unhealthy meal. But my guilt for lack of together-meals lately made me cave. His request: PIZZA:


This is a “grandma” pie.  It is absolutely out of this world. A square pizza with fresh plum tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. MMM.  I ate 2 square pieces [there are 12 in a pie].  Really my mind was only on cupcakes for dessert.

Can you tell that next week is my TOM? Terrible cravings cave-ins all week. Regardless, today was D’s day – the rest of the days are all me. Tomorrow I’m going to the city for restaurant week and am anxious to share my review! Sorry for the lack of foodie pictures, it’s so much easier during the week!


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Alaska is warmer than here! Today is a foodie day!

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  • 1. Hangry Pants  |  January 19, 2009 at 10:21 am

    Good to know about the cupcakes!

    Yeah the burritos at Tinga are pretty good, but beware, they are about the size of my arm!


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