Today is a foodie day!

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Happy Monday!

Yesterday was a nice change from our usual Sunday putterings. I woke up earlier than D and took the opportunity to make myself some breakfast (and not fall victim to Dunkin Donuts part 2). I whipped up some french toast on Ezekiel bread, with sugar-free syrup and half a sliced banana. Mmmm.

french toast

I then spent a few hours lounging around watching t.v. on the couch until it was time to get ready for my afternoon out. I took a leisurely shower before snacking on a cold pizza-square from last night as my pseud0 “lunch”.


I had to make a 2:00 bus to the city – so D drove me to pick up a coffee and then waited with me for the bus. We waited… and waited, and the 2:00 never showed!  I was so thankful he waited with me because it ended up being 45 minutes before a bus arrived. Way to be NJTransit! Once on the road it was smooth sailing.

I met up with my girlfriend at her apartment in Gramercy, where we decided it would be best to just take a walk across town to the Meatpacking District for dinner. My friend is one of those fantastic uber-healthy just ran the Philly Marathon girls, who also loves to indulge on some good foods.  So we made reservations for Restaurant Week – which began yesterday.

We grabbed a 4:30 reservation at Spice Market, which was clever since the higher priced “dinner” menu began at 5:00. Inside, the restaurant had the best ambiance.  I have never been to Thailand, however it really gives you that cultural vibe – coupled with a bit of that Epcot imaginary feeling.  I loved everything about the decor, it totally took me out of the city!

I ended up ordering the Vegetarian Bento Box lunch special – which I will not picture however I will share the menu with you:

Avocado Roll


Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger Pumpkin Seeds


Vegetables in Green Curry


Silken Tofu “Pad Thai” Flavor


Thai Jewels and Fruits with Crushed Coconut Ice

All the dishes were extremely flavorful unique.  I have to say the best was the butternut squash soup – the pumpkin seeds balanced out the soup so well, I could have only eaten this all night!

Next in line would have to have been the Silken Tofu . . . now this was a frightening one to attack, as I am an Extra-Firm Tofu girl.  However whatever they garnished the top of this with really made the dish – I honestly have no idea what this meal comprised of. Delicious regardless!

The vegetables in green curry were “okay”, they left a little to be desired, while the avocado roll just give me that fishy feel, even though it was on the vegetarian menu. So, not a fan.The dessert left MUCH to be desired.  It was a coconut milk over ice with gelatin fruit.  Right – we did not dig this at all.

We also enjoyed white sangria – which may have been the best drink I’ve ever tasted, as well as a jasmine “soda” – which tasted like a honey suckle.  Overall, we had a really lovely night out catching up, and the food and ambiance played their roles fabulously.  I’m not sure I would go out of my way to return, with all the other options in the city, but I am glad I was able to sample their menu.

Afterwards we started heading back to her apartment and it began to snow (again? seriously!). Although we had previously shared that we had overindulged (separately) on cupcakes this week, she still suggested we hit up Billy’s Bakery for some banana pudding to go.  Of course I could not refuse, as I am a sucker for cupcakerie banana pudding! We walked back across town in the icky snow and split this mouth watering treat over some Legally Blonde. So relaxing! When I used to live in the city we would get sweets and treats together all the time, while walking across town to burn it off, I miss it!

Around 7:30 D was wondering when he’d have to pick me up, so I decided I’d take the 8:30 bus home – which would give me plenty of time to hit the ever-crowded TJ’s at Union Square (when I lived in the East Village I used to hit up TJ’s and Whole Foods and then struggle with many bags on the walk home).

Although it was snowing a lot and quite slippery, I hauled my butt over there and filled up quickly on a few key items:


Key finds include:

  • Fiberful bars
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Jasmine Rice
  • Sweet Potato Spears
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Goddess Dressing
  • Vegetable Pastas (italian and vegetable medley)
  • Fage yogurt
  • 2 potatoes

I really sped in and out of the store grabbing items that caught my eye – they were pretty wiped out, and I needed to catch the subway to catch my bus! I love grocery shopping, I’m trying to limit myself today however I still have a list! Ah!


This morning D had to go to work, but I have been lying in bed, blogging, watching the news, and eating breakfast.  Aside from some shopping and maybe some working out, my day is pretty open.

I started off with 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 mashed banana, and 1/4 cup Kashi Go-Lean Crunch. Perfect amount of crunch and flavor to offset gooeyness! Still need coffee though!


More later 🙂


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Not a good eating day… good otherwise! Hungry Girl

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