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January 14, 2010 at 11:10 pm 5 comments

While I have yet to truly divulge my love of all thing cupcakes, I have also recently begun to explore the world as cake decorating as a means to improve upon my cupcake decorating.  In October I signed up for a 4-week Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1; and followed that up with the Wilton Course 2 in November. I really enjoyed the courses and although I may not have been the most creative or dedicated, I absolutely enjoyed waking up on Saturday mornings and coming home with a new skill and a cute little cake. This Saturday I am going to begin the Wilton Course 3, Tiers and Fondant.  I wanted to share what I had done in my previous courses in anticipation of what is to come!

Course 1

I learned how to ice a cake, level a cake, layer with fillings, pipe various borders, and attempted the famed “Wilton Rose”.  I made 3 cakes in a course of four weeks, and definitely gained about 3-lbs.

Cake 1: The Rainbow Cake

I definitely spent about 3 hours icing this cake, I needed it to be perfect as it was my first attempt.  Indeed it was perfect – until I transferred the rainbow outline to the cake and smudged the whole top.  I was quite sad – and fumbled through the decorating.  I was not the proudest of this cake – and my handwriting skills are incredibly lacking.  The cake was a white french vanilla (boxed) with a french vanilla pudding filling. Writing read: “Happy Saturday” – I know, creativity runs in my blood.

Cake 2: The Clown Cake

This cake was all about figure piping and more writing practice.  The clowns were easy and cute but also slightly creepy.  I enjoyed decorating this cake, and eating it also!  Devil’s chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling.  Yum!  I’ll save this in the archives for mommy-hood.

Finale Cake: The Wilton Rose

I definitely was the most impatient, rushed rose creator in the class, however once the roses were placed on the cake with some butter cream leaves, they didn’t look half bad. My border skills were not that great – also due to rushing.  We really don’t have enough time to decorate in class, but after 2 hours I want to leave class with a finished cake! This cake was my first attempt at chocolate butter cream, and I will not be revisiting this.  Yuck! At this point Wilton butter cream leaves a yuck in my brain quite honestly, so much shortening!  Anyhow, I was 50% proud of this cake.  It looked better than what I could 3 weeks prior that’s for sure!

Course 2

Finale Cake: Basket Weave and Royal Icing Flowers Cake

Basically Course 2 was spent learning how to make various flowers that we saved for the one cake we made for the finale.  It was sort of a relief to not have to bake and ice a cake every Friday night, and just have to make one.  On the other hand, I did not go home and make flowers for “homework” so my flowers are not nearly as nice as i would have liked.  Regardless, I am proud of how pretty this cake came out – and the basket weave was actually fun to do! Unfortunately I have not made a flower since those classes and I’m sure my flowers will continue to be severely lacking until I practice, practice, practice.

I’m excited for Course 3 to begin – I hope I’ll be a bit more successful with fondant!  Stay tuned!


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