Let me introduce myself… again.

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HELLO I’m Amanda and I’m re-entering the blog world after a failed attempt almost one year ago.  I have been flocking to my google reader for months now and finally felt that I have enough in my life to share with the blogworld.  I’ve been so inspired by so many young women that I hope that I can do the same, while at the same time share my food finds and explorations with others.

FOODS I am currently integrating vegan meals into my diet, and I would say 90-95% of what I eat each week is vegan.  It’s a learning process and I’m heavily relying on the blogworld and cookbooks to hold my hand through it. You can read about my health and fitness history here. I’ve spent a lot of time cooking from many popular vegan cookbooks and would love to start sharing my reviews and tweaks on this page. A list of the books I am currently using can be found here.

FITNESS I had a fantastic fitness routine going pre-2010 (aka: through December 31st 2009).  Post New Years through this past Monday I had pretty much been a reflective lump.  So Monday I got back on the proverbial horse treadmill and powered ahead.  I charged through a speed buildup to 3.7 miles post-dinner with a few burps along the way.  I got back on last night and ran intervals through 3.8 miles.  Today: I woke up with very sore, achey knees and realized that I cannot take off a few weeks and get right back on the horse. Enter: Jillian’s 30-Day Shred.  I knew I should have rested or opted for yoga today, but I instead opted for a quick 25-minute strength circuit which I knew would at least build my quads.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

…. and so I enter upon the blogworld with an outward New Year’s Goal list. I always do better when my goals are written and that is truly what my intention is today.  Here goes:

2010 Goals

1. Improve my yoga practice, both at home and at the studio.

2. Increase my running speed and endurance.

3. Participate in more road races.

4. Use my cake decorating skills more often (blog post dedicated to this in the future).

5. Save money for future – 10% of my salary.

6. Stick to my excel sheet budget!

7. Introduce and transition vegan ideals to non-food areas of my life.

8. Eat more greens.

9. Be a more present friend.

8. Travel more.

Hopefully some photos will break out tomorrow!


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ANOTHER snowy day?? Cake Decorating

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I enjoy cooking, baking, cats and yoga. This is my platform to sound off and share what I like.

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