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The morning started the same as any other: with a cat howling outside my bedroom door 45-minutes before my alarm was set to go off.  Fantastic. So coffee + Silk creamer starts the day. Perfect color/blend!

Then it was on to making breakfast – which is always to-go and eaten at work.  Usual cuisinart lovefest, with 1 cup almond milk unsweetened, 1 cup spinach, 1 small banana, 6 frozen strawberries, and drizzle of agave. SUPER yum!  My banana was almost dead, which is always the best sweetener. Pretty much gulped all 14 ounces down this morning.

And the usual oatmeal/granola/soy milk/raisin combo.  However after tallying calories on this meal for the first time ever, I may have to nix the granola/raisin aspect. Whoops!! A little tooo indulgent at times.

Lunch was a repeat of two night ago’s dinner – more of the coconut carrot cashew stirfry. I hate to let leftovers go to waste and lunches are the best place for them to go! I ate that with a vegan chocolate chip cookie, which I now decided are 94% perfect.  I think they hardened up and started to kick ass, I won’t even say how many I ate yesterday.

Afternoon snack was half of an Odwalla Super Protein Bar, I ate the other half before working out yesterday. Keeps me perfectly satisfied . . . until I have to cook dinner.

Which is when I snacked on a handful of pretzels and a few dips of TJ’s roasted red pepper hummus. Super yum!

For dinner tonight, I was following the Vegan Table recipe for Pad Thai. It was a relatively simple recipe consisting of chopped broccoli, scallions, rice noodles, and a yummy peanut butter sauce.  This recipe also called for tofu, and a superb excuse to whip out my brand new Christmas present – the coveted TofuXpress !! It is so simple to use, just pop in tofu, twist on the top, and let it sit.

Except I had about 30-minutes, not the minimum 1-hour recommended.  This is my waiting face.

I pulled 1/4 of the tofu out early, and left the rest in to press for the remainder of the night. I lightly pan-fried the cubed extra-firm tofu in canola oil.

Results? Excellent!!  I would strongly recommend trying out Vegan Tables Pad Thai recipe, with the only warning that it does not taste like a traditional Thai restaurant pad thai dish, however does taste delicious in it’s own right.  I ALWAYS consider dinner a success if the omni-boyfriend praises a vegan meal – and that he did.  In fact he was hovering over me while I was cooking saying that it smelled/looked good.  And he nearly finished his plate!  SUPER success!

Critique: My only critique is that it was a little sweet, and in the future I’d probably halve or use 2/3 the amount of sugar (I used natural organic of course).  I also doubled the broccoli in the recipe and did not use sprouts, as I’m not a fan.  So overall, I give it save and repeat! 🙂

Fitness I just dragged my cold behind to the gym and ran a quick 3 miles, and my quads are a-killing from Sunday and Monday’s workouts. Eek! Tomorrow is 75-minute hot yoga, I WILL go.  This is my promise, right now, right here. Hold me to it.

And now . . . Biggest Loser, prepping tomorrows dinner, and packing my yoga bag for after work.


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  • 1. Katie  |  January 20, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I’m jealous of your blender stick! And that tofu press is a genis invention.

    • 2. Amanda P  |  January 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm

      Honestly after letting it sit and work it’s magic, I have to say this really is a genius invention – my tofu is perfect and totally takes the pain out of pressing and cooking tofu! The texture is spot on!


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