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Quick update from the lunch desk. Yesterday was spent running around seeing clients (although officially off from work), and squeezing in my weekly food shopping trip.  I recently got this cute little notepad (see below) where I plan out my meals for dinner for the week, so that food shopping is less expensive and far more organized.

I make sure to write where the recipes come from to make cooking prep time much easier.  Yey for an exciting food week! I think I’m already changing the order – today will probably be pad thai.

Lucky me – it was my local grocery’s “Can Can” sale, and I couldn’t help but to throw two cans of eat bean or tomato that I typically end up buying into my cart.  I’ve found it’s totally worth it to have these items on hand for last minute dinner decisions.  I always have rice, but never the beans!  Not anymore!!

Fitness Yesterday I traveled to visit my friend who lives 45-minutes away.  We used to go kickboxing twice a week by me, but both of our schedules have gotten way too busy to find a time when we are both consistently available.  So with that went our weekly hangouts, workouts, and dinner dates.  I miss her!

So last night I went down and joined her gym for a “trial week”.  We worked on the elliptical and talked for 25-minutes before taking the gym’s “strength” class.  She had never taken it before, and I have wanted to take one for awhile since I used to love to go when I lived in san Diego and went to 24-hour Fitness.

The class wasn’t very “fast” and consisted of three circuits, that moved at a moderate pace.  We were used to Jillian’s circuits so these did not tire us at all, however I do feel some aches this morning from some areas I’ve been ignoring.

Circuit 1: Squats with bar, tricep dips, bicep curls

Circuit 2: Lunges, dead lifts, push ups

Circuit 3: Anterior back lift, chest flies, lateral raise

I’m not sure either of us would take the class again with Jillian as a resource, however I do like changing up my workouts.  I also got to play with her kettle ball and am seriously interested in getting one myself.

After the workout we talked races (we want to sign up for a half marathon, if scheduling allows), and food. We are on the same page as far as food and fitness and could talk these two things for hours and hours.  I miss her!!

Food updates later!


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