Desserts Day.

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Yesterday and today went undocumented due to last minute decisions and busy days.  I did enjoy a delicious thai/malaysian dinner at a thai fusion restaurant last night for dinner last night. And although my fitness has been lacking and my pants are fitting tight, I cannot resist me some just desserts.

Cake class was today, and we weren’t required to bring anything but a ton of royal icing.  We basically spent 2 hours prepping bags and learning how to use the lily nail.  We made: poinsettas, lilies, petunias, and one more that I really wasn’t interested in and didn’t even attempt.

We only had time to make one or two of each flower before moving on to the next.  I like the lily best, and I think I may make a bunch this week to cover my Course 3 Final cake in next weekend.

Today was a dreary, gray day, and we didn’t have much on our plates. I needed to pick up some supplies for my cake for next year, and a little past the store is a vegan cupcakery that I had visited last year during their Cupcake Festival.  Since I recently have been attempting mostly vegan meals, I decided it may be a good day to revisit the bakery and try some goodies.  Of particular interest were their hard to acquire doughnuts!

So, D and I headed over to Rutherford, where Sweet Avenue Bakeshop resides. Unfortunately they did not have any doughnuts today, so a cupcake it was (oh, darn). As they only take cash, we were limited to the $7 in my wallet, therefore we had to make a choice of one cupcake each, which really was quite delicious.  Every cupcake on display is very cute, fluffy, and appealing.  I was in the mood to try something new, and went with “The Knickerbocker”, D with the “Carrot Cake”.

Pardon my iPhone shot, but I had to take a picture in the car.  I was going to wait until we got home, but the smells emanating from these boxes were intoxicating. I had thought I’d take one bite, but really that turned into one more, and one more. I demolished every bite in the car and didn’t even share.  Pretty much the moist moist cupcake I’ve ever eaten. NO LIE. SO delicious.  It was filled with some chocolate ganache and cherry. I really cannot rave enough about it and am kicking myself for haven’t returned here in the past year.

D’s carrot cake cupcake really wasn’t quite as moist or decadent as mine.  It was far more traditional, a bit more cake-like, and had (SHOCK) real carrot shreds inside.  Pretty good, but the other blew it out of the wind.  we def. will be returning here.

I picked up some fondant, we came home, and pretty much crashed all afternoon mindlessly. Had some pizza (cheeseless for me, and that fiasco is a story in itself). Mid-evening lounging D called me out on my promises from earlier in the week: to make homemade (vegan) doughnuts.  Now, remember this was my purpose for going to the cupcake shop today.

For christmas, I asked for many baking items, which are not limited to but include: a Breville juicer, an immersion blender, a second Kitchen Aid mixing bowl, the tofu press, various vegan cookbooks, and doughnut pans. Really I asked for one, but my mom bought me both a mini and full-sized pan.  They really have been collecting dust until today, and it just so happen that the recipe I was going to use called for all items I have.

After some browsing, I ended up at the urban housewife’s post about a Vegan Yum Yum recipe.  Both made this recipe appear incredibly simple and delicious. I followed the cake recipe to a T, and aside from a few sticky doughnuts in the second batch they popped right out of the tin.

I then attempted three different “toppings”.  Although I would have liked to try chocolate frosting, I simply didn’t have the patience tonight. I went with:

  • Vanilla glaze
  • Raspberry glaze
  • Sugar (rolled in sugar)

Glazing: I followed the initial suggestion to ice with a knife, however it was too thin and drippy. I ended up switching to a half-dip which covered the top of the doughnuts wonderfully.

The vanilla glaze I followed the recipe with a 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract.

For the raspberry glaze I added a few drops of pure raspberry extract to the glaze (wish I had strawberry).

I tend to have a few baking cabinets over flowing with baking gear (flavors, dyes, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers).  Unfortunately my sprinkles have been used up mostly, aside from christmas and halloween theme. These are what I could scrape up. D was practically frothing at the mouth as I was decorating and pawning him off.

Review? These were fantastic! D said they reminded him EXACTLY of Dunkin Donuts (of which he visits daily). They are light and fluffy and perfect to munch on in their mini state. I like the raspberry ones the best – and next time I will be making strawberry, as I think they will be the beez-kneez.  I’ll also get off my lazy bum and make chocolate ones as well.

Off to read a few blogs and decide whether or not to head into the city tomorrow to visit the Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti.


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