Wilton Course 3 Finale Cake

February 7, 2010 at 11:25 pm 1 comment

Yesterday morning was the last class for the Wilton Course III: Fondant & Tiers class I have been taking the past month.  This is the second cake I’ve made with fondant (first on my own), and first attempt at tiering cakes. I spent 6 hours mixing, baking, cooling, cutting, stacking, and crumb coating cakes Friday night. I stopped at 12:30 a.m.

I baked two 10″ x 2″ vegan chocolate cakes for the bottom tier, and two 6″ x 2″ vegan vanilla cake for the top tier.  Both recipes came from The Joy of Vegan Baking, where I actually needed to quadruple the recipe to fill both cake pans properly. The vanilla cake recipe yielded a sufficient amount for the top tier, however it baked far longer than the recipe suggested.

I filled both cake with the classic buttercream recipe from the same book, however I added in about a 1/2 cup of crushed vegan Oreos to the batter (super yum!). I crumb coated each cake before keeping them in the fridge over night.

I had suspected class would be canceled due to the expect snowstorm that was going to spread its monstrous wings over our region, and so I didn’t cover my cake in fondant.  When I awoke, I peeked out the window and saw… not one drop of snow on the ground. Shit. I had one hour to color, roll, and cover my cake in fondant.

In a half awake state I attempted my first alone fondant adventure. I mistakenly covered the fondant in cornstarch/powdered sugar when I meant to cover the rolling mat in crisco. MAJOR WHOOPS. Let’s just say I appreciate my mistake for the lessons learned (cracked fondant, rough edges). I will absolutely never make that mistake again.

At class, our teacher literally took 5 minute to show us how to stack the cakes and use dowels, and we were free to decorate.  Considering this cake was not the color I had planned (I wanted avocado green with a brown bow and pink roses, that I made, on top, but the color I bought didn’t cut it so I changed my theme), I had no plan whatsoever, except for brown and white on top of the periwinkle.  I made my fondant ribbons and decided on the bow. I then went through 3 attempts of white rose and rosettes before I decided that look wasn’t going to fly.  I finally decided on these little flowers and am pretty satisfied with how the cake turned out, considering the fondant issue and lack of plan.

The chocolate cake tastes absolutely divine.  I’ve fed it to 6 people so far who have raved about how incredibly moist it is, and have shared enormous compliments for the cookies & cream filling. 100% best vegan cake I’ve cooked so far and WILL return to this as my OFFICIAL go-to vegan cake. I LOVE IT! So incredibly moist and fluffy. The vanilla cake, however, I will not return to.  It was incredibly dense and lacked a truly indulgent flavor. There was absolutely nothing special about the cake and I’m honestly considering just throwing out the top tier and sharing the chocolate cake at work.

Overall, this chocolate cake has restored my confidence in vegan cake baking, it could fool anyone. I need to work on fondant some more, but I officially love it 100X more than buttercream cakes.  Fondant & Gumpaste is my final class and starts in 2 week. Expect more! 🙂


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Back with some dinner & dessert. Snow Blizzard = Soup Salvation.

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