Vegan Dumpling Stew

March 2, 2010 at 12:11 am Leave a comment

When making my plan for dinner’s this week, I decided to browse the starred items in my google reader, as they were beginning to really build up.  I chose a mexican dish, a thai dish, and a soup.  Tonight’s dinner came from The Chubby Vegan‘s adaptation of this recipe. I stuck to her adaptation nearly 100%, and my only change would be to probably do about 2-cups peas, 1.5 cups corn, as the peas really took over. The prep time wasn’t so bad, I’d say 10-minutes tops, and the cooking time warrants it’s ability to be deemed a “quick fix” dinner.

Check out those yummy whole wheat dumplings!  I anticipated the possibility that D would not be interested in a soupy dish, so I made a side plate of raviolis for him “just in case”.  As expected he walked in with the “What’s this?” face, however once he saw the dumplings and the absence of beans, he scooped an infant sized portion into his bowl and actually expressed enjoyment in the dinner, finishing his whole (small) bowl. I always consider that a success.

I found this to be an incredibly satisfying and filling meal, especially for a winter’s night.  I’d say that this is the liquid version of shepherd’s pie, and incredibly successful at that. This recipe made so much soup that I now have lunch for the rest of the week and then some, which is pretty awesome.

Pardon my lack of description and enthusiasm, we’ve D has spent the last 5 hours moving and assembling my elliptical, and I am beat. More foodie updates tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be working that new machine.

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