Thai Curry (tempeh) Stir Fry

March 4, 2010 at 11:08 pm Leave a comment

The plan for tonight’s dinner was supposed to be based on a recipe from The Vegan Table: Thai Curry Stir-fry.  I unfortunately have to say that I did not follow the recipe exactly, as I ended up subbing a whole lot of ingredients due to my inability to read a recipe before going food shopping. Rather than list the whole recipe/ingredients (get the book it has so many yummy treats), I’ll just share the things I’ve changed:

  • Subbed 2 teaspoons Garam Masala and 3 teaspoons of Curry Powder for recommended chili paste
  • Subbed 5-grain tempeh for recommended tofu
  • Subbed broccoli for recommended cauliflower
  • Added a few shakes of crushed red pepper
  • Added two teaspoons of jarred Thai basil instead of fresh

As I was preparing, I was met with the typical “What is this?” and “I don’t think I like the color of that”.  I had to remind D that it was going to be similar to the thai dish he likes.  He stuck with me and when presented with dinner he sorta moved the food around a little bit before finding a piece of something that looked semi appealing. Then, the nod. It did taste like the dish he liked. Success!

This dinner was so so yummy!  I always love when I can successfully prepare a restaurant style dish and enjoy it in the same way. I know my flavorings were a bit random (I just kept adding and shaking), but I think I would actually make it this way again.  It was so creamy (cue: coconut milk) but the crushed red paper added just the right level of kick to counter the creamy. I think that the tempeh suited this meal, tofu probably would have gotten lost in all the creaminess , whereas the tempeh added a more solid, chewy texture. I paired the curry with some brown basmati rice (mmm) and shoveled it all on in.

Will I make this dish again? Absolutely.  Will D eat it again? Apparently so!


Well let’s see, I’m still quite sore in places I’d rather not say from spinning (this reason alone may prevent me from ever attempting again at this gym); my hamstrings and arms are sore from yoga; and today I attempted my first Jillian Michaels iFit workout. Workout #1 for Level 2 is only 30-minutes, however it did get my heart pumping as intervals levels rose between 3 and 5, at a steady pace of 60 mph. Jillian (who I am the biggest fan of) is actually quite nice so far – contrary to her badass rep. on BL, and tries very hard to provide motivating input every minute of the workout. I found it at times annoying or cheesy and can definitely see myself turning down the volume, but I know what the purpose of all the chatter is and appreciate that. I totally should have whipped out my heart rate monitor and will do  that tomorrow to get an idea what I’m burning.  So far, so good!

In other news, I just changed my schedule a little bit and can now attend yoga two week days a week. Although the two days will be back to back I’m very excited to go more often, even if it is two days in a row.  More on that next week, and hopefully a Yoga Meltdown review to come!  Happy “almost” Friday!


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