Vegan Bites Review: Orange-Teriyaki Tofu

March 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm 1 comment

Yesterday’s post was half-deleted about half a second before I went to click “publish” so that went up tonight, however I did want to mention that I got a kickin’ 75-minute hot yoga workout in yesterday which made my arms shake often, but is making me stronger. I was going to go again today, but the weatherman was forecasting “warm weather” and so I planned an outdoor run and packed my running clothes.   However, come work-out time it was chilly and windy and I just did not want to get going.  Enter: elliptical. I got a kick ass workout in with my Jillian iFit trainer and watched some t.v. while dinner was cooking.  Talk about multi-tasking! I think I should keep a tally for each day that I don’t want to work out and the elliptical shrinks saves my butt.

BIG NEWS? I have to keep a workout routine at least 5 times a week for the next month+ because… I’m going to Puerto Rico with my sister for a long weekend. Finally, the motivation I have been wanting.  I half think I agreed to go so that I would have NO excuse to slack off on myself and get in shape for summer weather.  I’m so excited – here we go workout routine!   I’m keeping yoga, iFit elliptical, and running in the plan and had my unofficial weigh in a few days ago.  Crossing fingers.

DINNER tonight was a recipe from Vegan Bites, found in the “Dishing up Dinner” section: Orange-Teriyaki Tofu.

I had all ingredients in hand and was prepared to whip up something tastilicious. This is the easiest dinner and meal to prep yet, as you just whip the marinade together, cover the tofu, and bake.  Okay, I did need to turn over the tofu at one point, but that was the most effort required.  I served the tofu with some brown jasmine rice and steamed broccoli with some pressed garlic & olive oil.

The marinade was pretty good, however I tasted more sesame than orange and was slightly disappointed by this.  Because there were no pictures in the book, and I judge recipes by their titles, I was envisioning an orange glazed tofu bite (similar to a hot and sour). Completely so far off that you should just get that picture out of your head and look at the picture above. I think the tofu could have browned a bit more, however due to pressing my tofu over night the integrity of the dish was due a lot to the tofu being pretty firm and absorbing much of the marinade.  Separating the orange picture in my head from the actual product, the recipe is quite good and I enjoyed the contrast of the sesame oil to the sweet sugars.

I think this recipe is a success due to it’s ability to be whipped up quickly and provide a tasty result!  While it isn’t over the moon, it’s quite good and worth keeping in the recipe box.

Question: All of a sudden I’m suffering with some adult style acne. I hate to visit a dermatologist and have been reading up on the use of apple-cider vinegar  to heal acne.  Anyone have any experience with this?


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