Tofu Cookery: Last Minute Dinner

March 16, 2010 at 9:37 pm 3 comments

Today was one of those simple and fantastic days.  I couldn’t sleep last night (attributed to the full moon?) and watched almost the whole current season of Being Erica (anyone??). I finally crawled into bed at 4am and woke up around 10:30 – I’ll take what I can get considering I had another day off today due to flooding.

So, with that in mind, I relaxed on the couch all morning and caught up on a ton of blog reading.  I also got to baking my St. Patty’s Day cupcakes that I planned to bring to work tomorrow (which is canceled again). Details on the cupcakes will be in the next post.

After baking I finally stepped outside and saw that it was nearly 65 degrees outside and the sun was shining. I threw on my sneakers and my new Target-find Champion running knee tight capris:

For only $22 they are pretty amazing!  They fit nice and snug and are wicking.  The best part is, there is a mini pocket in the left inside of the top waistline with a small zipper. This totally solved my “where do I put my apartment key” issue.  Even though I kept grabbing at my crotch area every few minutes to confirm they were still in place, they keys barely moved during the run and I couldn’t even feel them.  Super deal!  Now if only I could find a super deal on a Garmin…

Along my run I was just so happy to be enjoying the spring weather, I prodded along really with no care for how long or how far.  I was early on greeted by about 20 deer and I just wanted to high five every single one, my heart was just beaming.  See, about three weeks ago the local area had issued a massive deer slaughter.  Many residents were against it, however the vote was considered finalized. Anyway, I’m not sure about how many deer were killed but it made my so elated to see a huge group of them hanging out like it was a normal day.  Anyway, by the end of the run my knees were killing me – which is no good.  I have to ease back into this outdoor running. Okay, onto tonight’s food item!

Dinner was a total “whoopsie”.  I had been so consumed by baking cupcakes and whipping up frosting (and taste testing) that time flew and before I realized it D was home and hungry.  Since I plan all my meals I thought I would be fine to make dinner spot on, except I forgot to buy an onion. ONE STINKING ONION that I need for the recipe.

So in a panic, I switch to Wednesday’s meal (yes I’m that much of a planner), “Pasta Primavera”.  D was so hungry he vetoed me cooking up protein, as the dish calls for some marinated and grilled tofu.  So unfortunately that element of the dish is out, however I still think it’s fair to review the recipe as the pasta called for a sauce that was pretty tasty.

Feast your eyes on some pasta primavera (peas, broccoli, and some special sauce). I shook some Galaxy Vegan Parmesean that I finally scored from Whole Foods on the pasta, because I feel these types of dishes generally do just call for that hint of flavoring. I only sprinkled some on sparingly, as I didn’t want to taint my dinner if I didn’t like it. I think in a small amount it’s pretty good – it’s no real italian parmesean, but it definitely did the trick.  Think: noochy without the nutty.  I’ll def. be using this again, maybe build up to a more vigorous shake!

Overall I think this should be considered a Tofu Cookery success, even sans tofu.  The meal was tasty, savory, and so quick in the face of a time-dilemma.  I’d def. make this again in the future because it’s one of those meals you just already have all the ingredients for.

Tomorrow: I’ll be sharing my St. Patty’s Day cupcakes, and am going to be in the city for the parade!! I’ve never gone before and my work-friends and I are using our flood day to go out and celebrate! What are your plans for the holiday? I’ve never really celebrated before and am sort of excited!

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