The incredible, edible, banana soft serve

March 19, 2010 at 9:29 pm 1 comment

I’ve had one of those days.  Fridays are generally work-out “rest days” because I’m exhausted.  I canceled my plans to go out with a friend tonight, and after a few hours doing errands am happily back on the couch in front of the t.v. in my sweats.  However my sweet tooth needed some deliverance. I recently tried Soy Dream Mint flavor ice cream, however it wasn’t creamy enough and the taste of soy was just too overwhelming for me.  D said it tasted more like mint extract than anything else.  So now that sits in my freezer after two attempts of enjoying it.  Clearly that wasn’t going to cut it.

But behind the carton was a small container I had stored some very ripe banana slices in (say 1-1/2), and I knew that it was time. I first tried to whip up the bananas in my mini-prep, and they kept getting stuck.  I added a little hemp milk (about 1 tablespoon) to break it up, and still no dice.  That’s when I moved to my best friend: the immersion blender.  A few quick jabs and I had some creamy, whipped bananas. I drizzled some chocolate atop, and decided my hunger was calling for a bit more – and topped it all off with half a Cherry Carob Pure NRG bar. Perfection.

This dessert was both wholesome and delicious. I felt great about all the ingredients I was consuming and enjoyed every bite to boot.  From now on I’m going to buy double bananas, one bunch for my daily smoothies/oatmeal, one bunch for whipping up this treat.  Imagine the possibilities (I’m thinking flavors upon flavors of milkshakes)!  I’ll join the ranks of many bloggers and rave about how fantastical this is.  Do try it.

With one caution: the soft serve melts very quickly, so be ready with all of your toppings!

On a side note, I cannot believe I’m rounding out month 4 since beginning my vegan adventure. There have been slip-ups and may learning experiences, but I am still trudging on happily. Tomorrow I am going to an Italian-style lunch party at a restaurant and need to be sure that I’m well fed before I arrive. In the evening D and I are joining two of my good friends for dinner at PF Changs, I’ve never been and am quite excited.

ENJOY your weekends and enter my Vegan Bites giveaway by Sunday night!


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