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Excuses, Excuses, and some baking on the side.

I suppose my lack of visiting of blogs – and blogging – continues to go hand in hand with my food apathy.  While I am a bit more enthused about food, I 100% attribute this funk to the weather (not to place blame or anything).  I read all of your lovely blogs to share the joy of cooking and baking, and become inspired to continue on that road and pay it forward here with my own creations.  It’s just this weather. It’s hot. So so hot.  I have no interest in cooking, and dinners have been thrown together re-makes of countless meals of the past.  While they are good – nothing new to satisfy or photograph.

Except the other day I got this itch for a double-chocolate cookie that I had to scratch in the worst of ways.  I turned to the illustrious Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar and dived into the recipe for “Chocolate Fudgey Oatmeal Cookies”.  Can I just say? Wow.  As I ate nearly 1/4 of the badder by spoon (the joy of vegan baking, no doubt) I seriously considered ditching the oven and making a cold cookie, but I just wasn’t certain they’d survive a cold-state so well.  Into the oven they went (and there I was again reminded why I am in this cooking funk, heat).

I highly suggest these be attempted.  They are gooey almost to the point of fudge brownie (hence the title?), but also maintain a certain outer crisp that was reminiscent of a chocolate Rice Krispie treat. That being said, throw in some “marshmallows” or “white chocolate chips” and I think you may just die from the divinity that lies within this cookie.  Both D and his brother shared their enjoyment in the moist flavor party in this cookie.

Moving on, I have a confession.  Another reason why I haven’t been blogging so much is because I have gone full forward into design mode, often confused with “nesting” I think – which there should be no confusion about here.  I’ve been busy scouring and ordering cool prints for around the casa.  I also ordered new couches and am on the hunt for the perfect rug for under the dining room table.  Once we get close to where I want to be I’ll share what I’ve been up to, but it’s given my summer a mission and taken my mind off the food funk.

I have also used some free time to give back some hard work to my friend whose helped me in my recent cupcake orders.  Last week we tackled some more Bridal Shower cupcakes (photos below courtesy of her camera), and this week we’re tackling a tiered Bridal Shower cake.  Stay tuned friends.


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