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In celebration of the juice cleanse completion.

I say thank you Mama Pea.

Cleanse reflections to follow. Happy 3-day weekend!

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Blueprint Cleanse Review

For a variety of reasons I decided to embrace the Blueprint Cleanse on my own – meaning I did not pay the hefty pricetag for a hand-delivered crash course on juice cleansing and instead of delved into juicing 6x a day.  And boy, oh boy, do I wish that I did. During moments of weakness it would be so beneficial to just have the next juice ready and not have to laboriously prepare.

Day 1

I spent about an hour the night before preparing for the morning of juicing before work. I started off the morning with my regularly scheduled coffee a warm mug of lemon water. Meanwhile I juiced.

8:00 I began to enjoy juice #1: Spinach/Apples/Lemon.  It was actually quite tasty and I sucked it down easily.  Feeling good!

10:15 I start to sip on juice #2: What can only be described as a pineapple mojito. Delish but THICK.  It takes me quite awhile to finish it off.  Still not hungry, peeing a ton, feeling just fine.

12:00 The headache begins on my right side. It completely encompasses my entire right side of my head.

12:30 Start juice #3:  A bitter blueberry version of juice #1. I’m in such pain from my right side of my head, I’m guessing due to caffeine withdrawal.  I can barely drink the juice.

1:00 – 2:00 My headache is so debilitating I feel like I’m going to throw up.  I’m so nauseous I have to put my head on the table.  Then I succumb to a painkiller.  I couldn’t fulfill my work duties feeling this way.  I feel like I’ve cheated myself by giving in to a painkiller; however unfortunately I had to do work.  I canceled my client and headed home at 3:30 sipping my juice on and off. Still not hungry, just feeling completely helpless like I should quit. right. now. I had my coworker give me a pep talk.

I skipped juice #4.  I could barely finish #3 and juice #4 was a watermelon drink, something I wasn’t very excited about at all. So I saved that fruit for tomorrow and took a nap from 5:00-6:00.

6:30 juice #5: An exact repeat of juice #1.  I could barely muster myself off the couch to get to the juicer, get the materials, and get it together. The smell of lemons made me feel sick. But I got it together, took one for the team, and chugged that baby.  Thank goodness that’s over for today.

8:00 juice #6: Cashew milk.  Oh my oh my this is divine.  After a day of acidity and sweet fruit juices, I welcomed this soothing drink with open arms. The best way to describe it? Horchata! Totally reminiscent of the cinnamony sweet stuff I occasionally indulged in back when I lived in California. This will be the best part of my day for the next two days.

I just spent another 45-minutes preparing for the next day’s juices.  Today was really, really hard. No joke.  I really think it had to do mostly with abstaining from caffeine, I should have had some green tea – so I will definitely add that into the equation tomorrow.

Day 1 final reflections: I never once felt hungry.  The only negative has been the headache/nausea bit.

Day 2:

I learn from an acquaintance that I can have a cup of green tea or 1/2 cup of black coffee to subside the caffeine withdrawal.  So I started the day with green tea while I pre-made my first 3 juices  for the morning (which were two of juice #1 of Day 1 -one was for juice #3 today- and juice #2.

My day was EXTREMELY busy and I found myself full from all three juices until 3:00. Not bad, and the green apple juice is becoming a favorite.  The pineapple mojito has staying power which is a saving grace. Again, I skipped the watermelon juice – mostly because I don’t like watermelon. I’m not sure why I even wasted my money on it.

Between juice #3 and #4 I went to the mall and bought myself some clothes.  Not eating has led me to another vice, spending money.

The rest of the day is super smooth. I follow up with another green apple juice at 5:30 for dinner and go shopping with D.  We end up at Whole Foods where he gets food and I die a little bit inside.  We race home to my cashew milk at 9:00. Went to bed feeling good and only mildly hungry but pretty tired.

Day 3:

Today was the hardest of all days. I had to start with half cup of black coffee.  Due to my hunger and having only a half day worth of work I really felt the withdrawal of food almost every minute it seemed.  Today was pretty much a repeat of day #1 as far as the juices go. I drank every juice aside from watermelon, again.  I was shaky hungry by 12:00.  I went shopping again and spent too much money, again, to keep my mind off things. I also got a manicure and pedicure and walked up and down the food store planning my first meal (which for the record ended up being fruit and a Larabar).

The entire day was torturous, not going to lie. I just wanted to go to bed and wake up and be done. But I didn’t and I finished lying on the couch sipping my cashew milk but feeling pretty skinny.  There’s really nothing else to say.

REFLECTIONS: I’d do it again, probably in the summer when I had more time.  OR if given the chance I’d have the juices sent to me and probably wouldn’t have been as miserable. I also would have weaned myself off coffee more seriously to avoid the downfall that was Day 1. I ended up losing 4 pounds, however that crept back up 2 pounds after I started to re-introduce food.  My sugar cravings were diminished and I was certainly craving more wholesome foods.

So all in all, aside from some rough days, it helped me to get on track and feel accomplished with my eating.  I also learned that I DO have self-control and should not question it as often as I do.  Hopefully this wave will be ridden for awhile.

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Oh heeey?

Oh hey blog world.  I never expected to fall off the wagon so hard, but I did.  My background and header even disappeared (help?). Doesn’t mean I didn’t stop reading your blogs daily, but my drive to write and share sort of dwindled as the sun crept away and I fell off my eating wagon.  Yeah.  I admittedly slowly fell off the vegan wagon, and I’m not ashamed to share it, although for while I was.  I still tried to keep vegan as much as possible, but the efforts weren’t my best or healthiest. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate vegetarian and was conscious of the types of dairy and egg I consumed, but I let my mind enter the land of do not return.

I spent some time contemplating what eating vegan truly meant to me.  I believe in the lifestyle at it’s core, and yet I fell off.  I let the blame fall on myself, mostly due to the inability to stand strong against social pressures. So in the meantime, I’ve been re-contemplating my position on my vegan-ness. What drove me toward it? Compassion for animals. What drew me away? Isolation from others. It’s not easy when no one you know is on board.

So I let my compassion toward animals be fulfilled in other ways as I let my mind wander regarding my consumption. I started volunteer at a no-kill cat shelter, and it is so completely rewarding.  I know people always say they could never volunteer because it is so heartbreaking, etc. etc. and I get that; but these animals want love. I can give love while I scoop their poop and feed them and play with them.

And still, my mind wandered on, off, on. And D and I adopted a little kitten from the shelter I volunteer at whose litter mates all died within the first three weeks. He fought through it and won me over.  Meet Edgar, the coolest dude in this house:

So the past two weeks I have been getting back on the wagon.  And then this whole deer incident happened on Thursday.  Let’s just say it involved a local “deer management program” and me on the side of the road in tears. And I thought, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!”.   Later that day I then bought The 3-Day Cleanse and Kris Carr’s The Crazy Sexy Diet books.  I need to cleanse the shit out of myself and get back on track.

And here we are.  I am starting the 3-Day Cleanse (aka the “blueprint cleanse“) on Wednesday. I opted to obviously make all of my juices – and I expect this to be quite a challenge. I CAN DO IT.  Nothing to fear but fear itself right? And failure, which there will be NONE of.  The following week I’m going to start the Crazy Sexy Diet 21 Day Cleanse.

Today I dragged D to the farmers market where I stocked up on all the required juices, which ended up being:

  • 25 oz spinach
  • 21 oz kale
  • 14 golden delicious apples
  • 7 cucumbers
  • 2 pineapples
  • 2 granny smith apples
  • a 3lb watermelon
  • 20 oz of blueberries
  • 4 oz parsley
  • 10 lemons
  • 30 leaves of mint
  • 1 1/2 c of cashews

All for three days.  So I’ll be here to document that – starting Wednesday. Because now I need to go enjoy a vegan cupcake for Valentines Day. ❤

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