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So after taking a Bar Method class this morning, I decided to sort out my workout clothing and determine whether or not I’m allowed to purchase lululemon items.  Technically, I know that is an irresponsible desire and one I don’t need to indulge in. But as you can see above, I have different clothing that functions for different activities. Yoga tops, yoga bottoms, running tops, running bottoms, and “other”.  Don’t ask. But the Bar Method is sort of an “other”, I suppose. I digress..

Even though I know I don’t “need” cute lululemon items, I sort of have convinced myself that I should be able to wear ONE piece per workout, either a top or a bottom, to make myself feel cute. Totally ridiculous, I know. So upon today’s clothing sort I realized I have plenty of lulu bottoms (which are well worth their salt) but not enough tops. This will be changed.

Anyone have a good way to organize your workout clothes? No matter what I do, come laundry day they all get mixed up in one drawer. Which leads me to randomly allowing myself to purchase new goods. Yikes!


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Triumphant Return. Compulsions.

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