Fall Fit-intentions.

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Last year on the Autumn Solstice I attended a party for my friend’s birthday.  She had each of us arrive with a pumpkin which she deemed our “manifest pumpkins”.  We were instructed to, under the moonlight, paint our pumpkins with our intentions for the coming year.  We were then supposed to plant the seeds or roast and eat the seeds.  I forget which, because I did neither.  But the intentions I did paint.

Most of the people around me drew gold, coins, and dollar signs on their pumpkins. On my pumpkin I painted things I truly wanted to achieve that year.  I painted planes because I desperately wanted to travel (Europe, check). I painted cats because I wanted to get involved with a cat charity and possibly adopt another cat (check, check).  I painted hearts and smiley faces because I wanted to be happy and loved (check, check).  As silly as the entire exercise seemed to most of us, I used it as an opportunity to truly set out into the universe what I really wanted.  Dare I say, I’ve been lucky to receive all that I asked for.

Which leads me to today.  Although it’s not quite the Autumn Solstice, and my friend who orchestrated the party is just about to board a plane and move to Hawaii (meaning no “manifest pumpkins” this year), the air following Hurricane Irene has turned my house autumnal.  The wind is rattling the leaves and slammed doors in our house, at the perfect temperature. I’m flipping through Fall fashion magazines, and school starts next week.  Fall is upon us.

So while I’m not quite ready to set my intentions for the coming year (we’ll put a hold on that for a few weeks), I do know what I’m excited for activity wise.


Bicycling.  In the heat of the summer I haven’t touched my bicycle – which I just bought at the beginning of the summer.  I’m looking forward to taking a few spins in the crisp fall air.


Run. This summer has just not been it for running for me.  My knees still hurt easily and it has just been too hot.  The fall is when I get the most motivation to run.  Today I pulled out all my physical therapy gear and stretched and zapped my knee.  I signed up for a 5k and would love to do a few more, just for the fun of running in the fall.  Without pain.



Decide. I’m going through this fitness battle.  I love practicing yoga, I know that.  I also like to try different things.  I need to decide within the week whether I’m going to reinvest in the Bar Method as I wrap up my 30-day package (at $185 a month – a teachers break, it’s quite a lot) or try my 30-day Bikram groupon.  I’ve always wanted to try Bikram and I love yoga, so I feel like I’ll definitely get my moneys worth out of that trial, however the Bar Method is doing something something to me and I’m not sure if I should give it a 60-day go before I make a decision.  The classes are challenging, it’s tightening my abs and my ass and those are areas I NEVER pay attention to.  Unfortunately their schedule and my schedule are a bit opposing (my late nights and their late classes are on different days).  I may have to run my Bikram groupon and the Bar Method simultaneously just to make life work. I crave both exercises equally and I just do not have the time or finances to be obsessed with both. The battle of the fitness classes is ON.

SO that’s where I’m at with my fitness intentions for the beginning of fall. Bike.Run. And figure the rest out asap.

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