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I feel like I was the last person my age to jump onto The New Yorker train.  I slowly downloaded one issue a month for a year until all of a sudden a few months ago I was all girl you best be reading one of these babies a week.  Why? Because it stimulated my mind beyond what my usual working in an elementary school self was used to.  Sure, I read the newspaper (online) and catch the news in the evening.  But The New Yorker opens my eyes beyond typical news stories, it gives me a broader perspective on things. And at times, it gives my personal opinions a place to inwardly beam as they are reflected back at me.

Today I want to share the article I read on the plane last week that did just that.  As in: I thought I was a lone wolf on this one: me versus all the other girls.

Weddings.  The article “Dearly Beloved” by Susanna Wolff is the bee’s knees. It underhandedly (yet all too realistically) points out all the idiotic shit many of us who attend weddings keep notice and tallies of but keep to ourselves so as not sound like jerks.  And I love it.  Its real.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry (as Rachel Wilkerson would charmingly say).

Read it and please share your opinion.  I’m not a total jerk, I just feel like weddings have gone beyond the marriage and are  more about the social showcase. Am I truly alone in dreading having all wedding expectations met time and time again?  I’m all for love, it’s just the pomp and pageantry that I can do without.  I think some couples need to learn a little humility, with their hands in their pockets.  Kudos Ms. Wolff, this article is hanging on the fridge. Next to a wedding invitation.

And if you insist on having a wedding, read this article about why you should do yoga on your wedding day. Because it also resonates.


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