Sunday Funday, Weekend Recap

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This weekend flew by.  I spent Friday down the shore with my family where I enjoyed too many fresh doughnuts, mozzarella sandwiches and baked ziti than I bare to remember.  I’m generally pretty terrified of the ocean and all that lurks there and am perfectly happy soaking up the rays on the edge of the turf; however the early temperament of the ocean was as calm as a warm bath.  And so, I ventured in for over an hour with my aunt, wading and floating over weak waves. I also got to snuggle up to all of the family pups before hitting the road.

Saturday brought a break in temperature and local adventures.  D bought a bike after searching for almost a year and it is the absolute perfect hybrid of mountain meets road tires. It was a bit spur of the moment which meant it was time to take the plunge and buy a bike rack.  I was anxious about strapping a $$$ bike to my baby Yaris, but once all was said and done I think Yari looks pretty cute with a bike strapped on!  The rack even holds two bikes, which means adventures in the future to come.

We followed our day up with a trip to everyone’s favorite adult toy store, IKEA!  Early on in my cross country moving career I learned of the infinite possibilities Craigslist offers to those of us with a desire, cash and a car. I sold every single nearly new item I owned in San Diego on Craigslist when I moved back East and couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy at the lucky ones who stole away with my perfect condition furniture at reasonably below market price.

Saturday morning I traded up. I had a Crate & Barrel leaning bookcase and desk that was collecting dust and crammed to the brim.  Let’s be honest, most computer usage is carried out on the comfort of my couch in my pajamas and not at my desk. Within a day of posting the pieces I had a serious buyer and cash in hand, no negotiations.  And so, the trip to IKEA.  Sadly, Saturday’s trip left me empty handed.  A return trip on Sunday was successful and now I’m ecstatic at how my books are displayed.  The room instantly became brighter and more open!


We capped off the weekend with a bike ride on a local trail, testing my one year old Craigslist find bicycle’s hybrid wheels on gravely rocks and thick dirt.  It was pretty fabulous.

And so, now she rests in the office, perpendicular to the bright book case.  Not quite my vision for functional decor, but it’ll do.


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