Manic Monday

January 14, 2013 at 9:14 pm Leave a comment

photo(7)   It’s that Monday.  The one where you wake up an hour earlier than your typical alarm and walk a few blocks into town to pick up a rental car for the week and the rental car guy shows up 5 minutes late and you feel weird about driving a car that isn’t a hatchback that has all sorts of futuristic controls that were not around in your old vehicle. And then there was work.

So in lieu  of making the 6:15 Barre class, I settled for the seventh episode of Downton Abbey on the couch and staring at chocolate chip cookie pictures on Pinterest.  Did I mention that D started school again tonight? There’s that too.

I literally pulled apart the cabinet like a madwoman and was experiencing levels of anxiety abnormal for most when they realize they don’t have a pinch of brown sugar anywhere to be seen.

And then an unlikely box of pillsbury chocolate peppermint cookies appeared behind some pancake mix and I had a vision.  Of tossing out peppermint crunch and tossing in some chocolate chips and smashing up some white chocolate chunks.  Top it all off with a sprinkle of sea salt and I am playing keep away.

I looove when something lackluster gets punched up and awesome-fied.  Aka me watching the Bachelor instead of the Biggest Loser to support Sweet Tater Blog. The show just isn’t my thing, however the mid-episode revelation hopefully means that 1) Mondays are rededicated to Jillian Michaels and 2) Caturday will return.

Happy Monday to me?


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Souper Sunday. Tofu Tuesday.

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