Tofu Tuesday.

January 15, 2013 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

IMG_2850True to my word I was up late last night cooking up Terry Hope Romero’s Savory Baked Tofu.  I had grabbed a block of super firm tofu to try at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and this recipe specifically recommended it – score! I pressed the tofu for about 20-minutes before slicing it up and baking.  Holy moly, the smells radiating from that oven at 10 pm were enough to make me try a bite before bed. And then I tried another bite.  And another. Until I had eaten a whole slice.


The tofu was perfectly golden on each side with a slightest amount of crisp.  The flavors somehow transcended past the outer layer (maybe that’s what baking for 40 minutes does) – but I was surprised since I hadn’t marinated for more than 5-minutes before popping in the oven. I was able to slice easily through it like a block of cheese.  This is easily, hands down my new favorite tofu recipe.  It’s versatile and delicious, thank you Vegan Eat World you rocked my world!


Yum! I can say that’s probably as much food experimenting as I’ll be doing for the week. But between the success with the soup, cookies and tofu I’m pretty satisfied with getting out of my food rut so far.  Although the cookies were totally unnecessary and I’m making D take them to work tomorrow. Now excuse me while I put on my sweatpants and get cozy with my guilty pleasure, The Lying Game and silently pray away the pending snow and ice.

Have any tried and true tofu recipes to share? I’m opening to trying some more!


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