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Tofu Tuesday.

IMG_2850True to my word I was up late last night cooking up Terry Hope Romero’s Savory Baked Tofu.  I had grabbed a block of super firm tofu to try at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and this recipe specifically recommended it – score! I pressed the tofu for about 20-minutes before slicing it up and baking.  Holy moly, the smells radiating from that oven at 10 pm were enough to make me try a bite before bed. And then I tried another bite.  And another. Until I had eaten a whole slice.


The tofu was perfectly golden on each side with a slightest amount of crisp.  The flavors somehow transcended past the outer layer (maybe that’s what baking for 40 minutes does) – but I was surprised since I hadn’t marinated for more than 5-minutes before popping in the oven. I was able to slice easily through it like a block of cheese.  This is easily, hands down my new favorite tofu recipe.  It’s versatile and delicious, thank you Vegan Eat World you rocked my world!


Yum! I can say that’s probably as much food experimenting as I’ll be doing for the week. But between the success with the soup, cookies and tofu I’m pretty satisfied with getting out of my food rut so far.  Although the cookies were totally unnecessary and I’m making D take them to work tomorrow. Now excuse me while I put on my sweatpants and get cozy with my guilty pleasure, The Lying Game and silently pray away the pending snow and ice.

Have any tried and true tofu recipes to share? I’m opening to trying some more!

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Souper Sunday.

photo 1(1)

I’ve sort of kicked off 2013 on a soup… kick. Last week I delved into Vegan Appetite and absolutely devoured the Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup for lunch all week.  I failed to grab a picture before I tupperwared it for the week, so just trust me on that one.  *Note to self: I think I’ve finally pinpointed that a key ingredient for soup success = basmati rice. Just, yes.

So this week I was easily entranced by Leanne’s vegan cream of mushroom soup.  Now, be forewarned that as a rule I do not like mushrooms.  But last year I took a leap of faith when a co-worker made the PPK’s seitan porcini stew and the smell nearly made me grab a fork and join her in sharing her leftovers for lunch.  Consider me a changed woman (and that recipe the best damn stew I’ve had in the past 6 meat-free years).

Back to the soup. I felt like I could smell it through her pictures so I was easily convinced to give it a go.  The recipe is so, so, so easy and quick to throw together.  It’s thick yet light, meaning it doesn’t make me feel all heavy like a traditional lentil soup or a cream based recipe would.  The mushroom flavor is subtle and the cauliflower is reminiscent of a potato soup. Lovely.

photo 2(1)

Tips that I learned after I poorly estimated portions: 1 cauliflower = approximately 4 cups of florets and 1 10 oz container of sliced mushrooms = approximately 3 cups diced. Whew.

This seems like a good time put in my Season 2 Episode 6 thoughts on Downton Abbey as I play catchup: Edith is such a fool!

Happy Golden Globes Day (aka watch the red carpet then switch to GIRLS)!

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2013 return to food.

ImageWe’re 6 days into the new year and I can’t seem to let go of poor holiday eating habits. At all.  And then Terry Hope Romero’s new book caught my attention and I’ve been devouring it with my eyes, Vegan Eats World is a gorgeous book and I find myself anxious to plunge into the recipes.


And then I remembered I have yet to make a single recipe from Isa Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction and starting to feel equal parts shame and excitement.  It’s time for me to get back on the vegan recipe train.

Other resources to kickstart eating healthy:

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What I Ate Wednesday: Quick Meals Edition

As part of the “back on the train” I’ve given myself some structure as to how I want my daily posts to look.  Food blogging on a regular basis just isn’t for me, however “What I Ate Wednesday” – that is something I can get behind!

Breakfast was quick as I was running pretty late getting out the door:  scrambled egg whites & goat cheese, whole wheat toast & some berries.

My stomach was sort of off all morning and the salad I had planned on eating sounded too raw for my belly (I’m not sure that’s a sound explanation).  So I just had a cup of leftover quinoa pasta from last night.

Feeling pretty carb heavy today, so lightened things up with a green juice: 1 green apple, 1 kiwi, 2 celery stalks, 2 handfuls spinach. Unpictured I blended 1/2 a banana to thicken it up.

Dinner was a little sad looking: a Gardein breaded patty and some rice with broccoli. In the interest of being honest – my Gardein patty was sort of not on par tonight, so I ate 1/3 and tossed the rest.

And who could resist dessert on a hot day.  Absolutely not me.  I saw on Facebook that one of my local frozen yogurt shops had recently updated their selections to include my favorite flavor, caramel salted pretzel.  So we needed to hop on that.

SO that’s my WIAW.  In browsing this weeks WIAW I found five good looking meals you may want to try:

Did you try anything new today? Adding a banana and kiwi to my green juice was new for me!  Perhaps you’d like to try a new Chobani flavor? Check out this giveaway!

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O’Bagel, Bagel

While I am primarily an oatmeal & cereal weekday breakfast girl, D prefers bagels on weekends exclusively.  In fact, last weekend was the first time he’d ever been out for pancakes during breakfast hours. True story.  He also last year famously declared that he had never eaten a green bagel.  Now around here, in the bagel mecca of the United States, green bagels are all the rage during St. Patrick’s week.  I couldn’t help but feel like his empty hole was my void to fill, with a green holed doughy breakfast treat.

I also decided to make myself a few sesame seed bagels to fill my own doughy void.

Since this was a bit of an on the whim decision, I assumed that I had all the ingredients on hand for Vegan Brunch‘s bagel recipe.  Such as Vital Wheat Gluten. I saw it last week, I know I did. And so I proceeded to rip apart my cabinets, twice,  in search of the stuff. To no avail.  So I turned to a more generic, but still vegan, recipe here.

I followed the direction for the broiled bagels (broil, boil, bake). I boiled the water with molasses instead of sugar as per some review suggestions as well, then baked for 25 minutes.

And while I was trying to take some pretty photos of my sesame seeded creations, someone decided to some investigating.

He just couldn’t resist.  Either could I.

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Pizzalicious [GF&V] Sunday.

Something about Sunday begs for a home cooked meal.  Traditionally I like Sundays to be Italian meals, and after seeing Renae’s vegan pizza success I knew I had to try to get as close to her pizza as I possibly could. Her post convinced me of two things:

1) I should re-introduce Daiya into my life

2) I need a pizza stone

I’m still working on the latter.

I used the Bob’s Redmill gluten-free pizza crust mix with flax eggs and a shake of garlic salt, Daiya mozzarella, Galaxy soy parmasean, fresh basil and of course the only tomatoes that should ever top pizza or pasta – San Marzano (whole peeled).

I found the dough incredibly hard to work with – and split it into thirds to make it more manageable.  I baked each third for 9 minutes without toppings and additional 20 minutes once the toppings were added at 450 degrees. I think the key to a successful well-cooked pizza crust is forming a thin dough, which was impossible with the gluten free mix.

My pizza was actually pretty tasty absolutely delicious! The tomato/basil combo really stole the show with the Daiya taking a subtle backseat.  I’d definitely give Daiya another go atop pizzas, but the gluten-free pizza crust I’m not so sure about. My pizza definitely doesn’t look as beautiful as Renae’s – but I’m going to blame that on the lack of pizza stone and will aim to remedy the situation before my next pizza attempt.

Now I’m off to increase my vitamin-C intake with some champagne. Nothing like evening mimosas to kick off the new week!

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Simply lunch.

Things have been a little crazy and very devastating in the natural world.  Yesterday it poured all day and night here in NJ. After working until 6:30 last night I made a compromise with myself that I would go to spin class only if I was able to grab a spot out front.  I am so so thankful that I was, as the instructor had an awesome song lineup and I was able to enjoy the rain from the indoors and blast some calories.  However the rains did take it’s toll and the town that I work in as well as the towns alongside it are now flooded to the point that the National Guard has come in and schools were closed today.

Sad face for all the families who are affected by the mass floods, happy face for another day off. Sleeping in was only a brief possibility before I was inundated with text message and phone calls regarding the earthquake and tsunami waves headed to California.  My first thoughts were “is this really happening?” – this weather is so out of control and frightening, especially since we are utterly helpless in our ability to prevent their strikes.  I digress.

Now I’m enjoying a sunny day on my couch with my cat, and lunch begged for something to reflect the sunny day and promise of spring.  I whipped up a delicious avocado chik’n scallopini sandwich.

Two toasted slices Ezekial Sesame bread, roasted red pepper hummus, very ripe avocado, tomato slices and grilled Gardein chik’n scallopini.  Incredibly satisfying.

I need to make more time for savory sandwiches as spring approaches, as this was both filling and refreshing. Bring it, Spring!

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Hot night

Yesterday was officially day #2 of the Vegan Meal Exchange.  I actually received two meals yesterday: black bean soup and a thai green curry.  I gobbled up the black bean soup for lunch and so I took no photos – it wasn’t too pretty anyhow but it did taste good!

After a busy day of work one of my coworkers who is doing the meal exchange and I went and got our hot yoga on.  I sweat my asana off and left desiring something cold and refreshing. I even considered juicing, however I had a perfectly good meal made for me already and I hate for fresh food to go to waste.  So green curry with rice noodles it was (and sugar snap peas and cabbage).

HOLY HOT.  I don’t know what is in green curry but she made it SUPER hot.   I gobbled up four mouthfuls and then all of a sudden it hit me – “MY LIPS ARE TINGLING”. I dropped the bowl and downed four strawberries because water did nothing to ease the pain.  Unfortunately as delicious as this was, the pain of the spice outweighed the savory and I had to put it away and snack on some hummus.  And chocolate.  My snacks are totally out of control lately and it’s not good.

Today was the final meal of the meal exchange which I also enjoyed for lunch.  The plan was to take home the pretty looking meals and share them on the blog but today’s meal was the Happy Herbivore’s Chickpea Wraps and they were a bit soggy looking, although absolutely satisfying. So lunch they were – and I recommend this recipe for sure, it tasted phenomenal.

My snack issue is bringing me to Lent.  I am by no means a religious person and I keep that belief separate from my food beliefs.  We all have our own beliefs and I’ll save my soapbox for well thought out adult conversations that occur face to face.  That being said, there is something to be said about giving something up selflessly for 40-days. I’ve read a few facebook updates about people giving up “carbs” for Lent. REALLY?? I think that is more of a diet restriction to lose weight in 40-days than a way to selflessly give something up for a cause.  Just sayin’ – you choose to skinny yourself for your religion – got it.

Back to me. My downfall to feeling healthy is my sweet addiction.  So in the name of Myself, I give up chocolate for 40-days.  Because when you admit that you are giving something up for the sake of YOU, you are being honest.  And I can honestly do this, for me. As I pop my last handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips. That doesn’t mean I cannot bake for others.  It does mean a bake-strava-ganza will occur at the end of this.

Anyone else giving something up, for whatever reason? I’ve never given something up like this before for a set amount of time, although I do remember in high school all my friends gave up soda and M&Ms and they couldn’t really tell me why, except because it was for Lent.

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Meal Exchange: Sundried Tomato Avocado Tortini

So today was the official day #1 of the Vegan Meal Exchange at work. Basically two coworkers and myself are each preparing one lunch meal per week for each other.  Caveat? One friend is currently eating gluten free, just further complicating things a touch.  Since the weekdays are pretty booked for me with work I offered to make the Monday lunch meal.

Originally, I had my eyes on recreating the delicious avocado rolls from The Cheesecake Factory, however food shopping at my local grocery store and looking for egg and gluten free wontons or rice papers led me to “try Whole Foods”. Well duh. So I went with a whim and decided perhaps I could roll the Ezekial corn tortillas.  That was a fail, as they crumbled under my fingertips.  However eventually I came up with a “tortini”, a tortilla panini. Or something.

Sundried Tomato Avocado Tortini (vegan & gluten free)

  • 8-10 Ezekial sprouted corn tortillas
  • 1 avocado, diced
  • 1/2c-3/4c sun dried tomatoes, chopped
  • 7 tbsp Tofutti cream cheese
  • 1/4 medium red onion, chopped thin
  • 1/4c shredded carrots
  • 1 oz fresh cilantro, shredded
  • 1-2 tsp toasted sesame oil

Cut tortillas in half and spread thin layer of Tofutti on one half. Top with 1/8 of all ingredients.  Transfer to heated grill pan with thin coating of sesame oil. Press on grill for approximately 2-minutes over medium heat. Best served warm (and with a drizzle of Toffuti sour cream with a drizzle of lime – and maybe some mango salsa).

Each serving (2 tortillas) is approximately 270 calories, based on 4 servings.

I found these incredibly fresh, light, and delicious.  Something about the balance between cilantro and the sweet sun dried tomatoes really jives, and totally fakes me into believing it’s summer.  Regardless, although time consuming (mildly), this was a win that I will definitely be returning to. Maybe next time in rice paper.

On another note, Mondays are the day that I volunteer at the cat shelter.  It can’t hurt to advertise one of our newest sweet additions who is looking for a loving family.

Meet “Eclipse”, a large male who loves having his belly rubbed.  He was found on the streets a week ago and is quickly adapting to the other cats in the shelter, however seems to prefer some human love. He’s a sweet, calm, mushy cat. If you’re in northern NJ and interested please contact me!

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A sweet & salty compromise.

Yesterday I was all about wanting a baked good. D and I went to New Hope and I scoured for a bakery to no avail.  For dinner, we hit up Whole Foods and I snagged a vegan chocolate chip cookie – which was divine, but still I wanted more.  I was relentless about it and kept asking D if perhaps he wanted cookies. Finally at 9:30 I got to baking.  Specifically, I was interested in Terry Hope Romero’s take on the out of control Momofuku compost cookie (which I’ve had over a year ago and can still attest to it’s crack laced qualities). However I didn’t have all the ingredients I need on hand and while this will be attempted in the very near future, last night wasn’t the night.

So I compromised, with myself, and whipped up some Pretzel Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies. I based the recipe off of these blondies but with the following changes/ingredients:

  • 6 tablespoons of Earth Balance
  • 1 flax egg (*after many trials and comparisons, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that a flax egg is the best binder for cookies in comparison to EnerG)
  • Added 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2/3 cup crushed pretzels (Newman’s Own)

I cooked them for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees, making about 18 good sized cookies.

They were delicious! D has been gobbling them up, or what’s left of them.  Let’s just say the baker can’t keep her oven mitts away. I gave some to my mom, and of course before she even took a bite she got all “what are these vegetable cookies” on me. And then she went back for a second. And a third. And said they were pretty delicious. So I hope D finishes the rest of them when I go to sleep tonight because these are so not good to have staring at my every time I walk by the kitchen as I have no self control.
I also cannot resist this foxy face.

I just whipped up my Vegan Meal Trade for the week with my co-workers, but that’s for tomorrow friends.

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